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Library & forms

Here you will find both current copies and archives of Fund documents, including newsletters, the Report of the Trustee and Financial Statements and useful forms. You can either read the documents on screen or print a copy – just click on the relevant link.

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  • Alternative Contact Form – for pensioner members to provide alternative contact details of someone that you trust who we could contact if we are having difficulty in getting a response from you.
  • UK bank details form – to let us know which UK bank or building society account you would like pension payments to be made to.
  • EU bank details form – to let us know which EU bank account you would like pension payments to be made to. If you would like your pension to be paid to a bank account which is overseas but not in the EU you will need to contact the Fund Administrator to receive the appropriate form.
  • Change of personal details form – you will also have to include relevant official supporting documentation with the form in the following circumstances:
  • change of name – e.g. original marriage certificate, certificate of civil partnership or deed poll documentation (these will be returned to you by special delivery).
  • change of marital status – provide your original marriage certificate, certificate of civil partnership or decree absolute (this will be returned to you by special delivery). Your marital status will only be changed once ICI Pensions Services see an original copy of your certificate.
  • Declaration of continued marriage/civil partnership to confirm that you were legally married to, or in a civil partnership with, a deceased member.
  • Expression of wish form – if you are a Fund member and would like to nominate someone to receive any lump-sum benefits in the event of your death.
  • Nominated Dependant’s pension – Nomination form (to be completed by the member) – if you would like someone to be considered for a dependant’s pension benefit in the event of your death.
  • Nominated Dependant’s Pension – Application form (to be completed by a dependant, following the death of a member) – if you were financially dependent on a former Fund member who has died and would like to be considered for a dependant’s pension.
  • Personal Information Form – This form ensures we have up to date information about you and your dependants.

Pensions News

A guide to your pension online (ePA)

Member Handbook

  • Member Handbook (ICI 1967 Section) – The handbook to the 1967 Section of the ICI Pension Fund has been updated to include changes to the benefits earned by active members and to reflect pension legislation. Inside you will find everything you need to know about being a member of the 1967 Section, including working out your benefits, the protection the Fund offers your dependants, what happens to your benefits if you leave and how to claim them when you retire.

    Look out for these symbols to find the information relevant to you:
    • Active members – information in these sections will be important to you.
    • Deferred members – sets out how we will treat your benefits if you leave.
    • Pensioner members – explains what happens at, and during, retirement.

    Like most other specialist areas, at times the world of pensions uses technical terminology that can sound like jargon and although we’ve tried to keep this to a minimum, sometimes it’s simply unavoidable. We’ve also produced a jargon buster which defines some of the industry specific terms you’ll find in some places of your handbook.

    The handbook also describes the benefits payable to deferred and pensioner members of the 1949 section. There are some differences, the main one being that there are no supplementary pensions payable under the 1949 rules.

    Please note that the handbook is a summary of the benefits provided under the Fund and does not detail every member’s individual benefits, which will depend on the member’s circumstances and may therefore differ from those set out in the handbook. The Trustee must pay member benefits in line with the Fund’s Trust Deed and Rules, which will prevail in the event of any difference between the handbook and the Trust Deed and Rules.

    This handbook is available as a reference document. Please contact the Fund Administrator, Willis Towers Watson, if you have a specific question about Fund benefits.
  • Key benefits for deferred members and pensioners of the Supplementary Fund Section.

Report of the Trustee and Financial Statements

Statement of Investment Principles

Summary Funding Statement

Trust Deed and Rules

Actuarial valuation report

Frequently Asked Questions